Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Springfield Racquet and Fitness Center Finished?

Springfield Racquet and Fitness Center is the only indoor tennis court in town. Located at 3725 Chatham Road, just south of Wabash Avenue.

This morning it was -2 degrees Fahrenheit. One tennis player (who will remain nameless) was upset because three out of the four heaters at the "Racquet Club" were broken yesterday, (January 15, 2018). Many of the long-time tennis players are considering driving all the way to Bloomington or Decatur to play tennis. Our source was upset that nobody seems to want to contact the owners to find out the fate o the place.

"The exercise equipment was filthy, the trash was overflowing, the fan was coated in dust and nobody seems to be running any programs or playing Racquet Ball or whatever."

According to some old articles in the Illinois State Journal-Register, The Springfield Racquet and Fitness Center faced a tumultuous existence since the Great Recession of 2007-8

Other sources that review the business such as Yelp, have little to offer in the way of explaining the recent description by some of the local members who frequent the establishment.

The situation at Springfield's only indoor tennis court may only sound more dire than  it really is, but there were complaints that money spent on aesthetics should have been better spent on infrastructure and programs that would have attracted more members.

Our source does not want to give a bad review. She really "wants this to work," she said. Springfield's only indoor tennis court needs our help.

Tennis is one of the few highly regarded, highly competitive sports that doesn't involve high-impact physical trauma and concussion injuries.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Fun in Springfield

Springfield's Downtown Art Fair
Just getting started here. Looking for fun things to do in Springfield, Illinois. Check out the map on the 'Fun' page for general recreation items.

There are seasonal and occasional activities as well. I'll be looking for event calendars around town and probably posting them in the left column on this page.